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The Team

User Researcher
Product Designer
Project Managers
Account Managers

The Problem

Safety while driving is something all automobile manufactures are spending billions on per year.
Between texting, answering phone calls, swiping through snap chats, the roads have never been this dangerous.

The Hypothesis

An easy, hands free connected experience in car that would allow you to simply listen while you’re phone does all the work would remove the hassle of fumbling for your phone, while you should be concentrated on the road.

The Result

MessageLoud, an android and soon to be iOS application reads all of your social, email, and text messages aloud while you’re on the road, allowing you to concentrate on your own safety and the safety of those around you. MessageLoud automatically detects when your car turns on, and connects via bluetooth for a hands free experience. It also is complimented with an active and work mode for other situations where your life needs to be hands free.