Lean Application Design

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The Team

User Researcher
Product Designer
Project Managers
Account Managers

The Problem

Patients facing rare diseases often have a communication gap with their care team, inevitably affecting their quality of life. Physicians before now, didn’t have a way to get into the daily lives of a specific patient population, to be scientifically informed, to help prevent misdiagnosis, and to help care teams understand the urgency behind providing novel therapies to their patients.

The Hypothesis

Through extensive patient research we uncovered that patients needed a daily application to be able to log, measure, and track the success of their lives on therapies. We hypothesized that if we built the right features, and validated them back against our beta group, that we’d provide this very special patient population with a singular tool to empower them with the knowledge of their disease

The Result

At the beginning we we’re up against some serious timing constraint to push this application into the world, going super lean was the only way we know how to get it done. Over the course of a month, designers, developers and engineers a like prioritized features for a “walk up and use” disease management application. Now that it’s been alive in the world it has over 100 daily users and we’re starting to gather some amazing health data specific to a disease set.

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